The Many Faces of Multilingual and Mysterious Baikal // A.D.Karnyshev (2011)

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You feel completely happy when you live or stay at Lake Baikal. It is blessing to feel its charm, His influence not only on your health, but how it brings into your inner world something holy and reverent. It is a great joy to perceive the Baikal, and to realize that it enriches your ability to understand other people; awakens harmony with Nature in your soul; teaches you to take care of Nature, sympathize, and live in charity.

This book, which you are holding in your hands, dear reader, is about all this and about a lot of other things. It will be of use for those who are interested in the landscape and nature of the “holy sea”, people living on its shores. It will be useful for those who realize that it is we who are to provide the blessed unity of Man and Nature; it is our fate, and perspectives of human life.

In 2008 this book was listed in the Irkutsk Oblast Book of Records, and nominated “The Most Enigmatic Book about Lake Baikal”.

Translated by A. Bryanskaya, E. Bayartueva, T. Platitsyna, L. Shultunova, and a group of students of the Buryat State University. 


With love to Lake Baikal 


I. The world of Lake Baikal 

II. The world around Baikal 

III. Peace be with Baikal 


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Жанр материала: Книга | Автор(ы): Karnyshev A.D. | Источник(и): The Many Faces of Multilingual and Mysterious Baikal. Ulan-Ude. 2012 | Дата публикации оригинала (хрестоматии): 2011 | Дата последней редакции в Иркипедии: 29 марта 2015

Примечание: "Авторский коллектив" означает совокупность всех сотрудников и нештатных авторов Иркипедии, которые создавали статью и вносили в неё правки и дополнения по мере необходимости.

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